In the summer of 2006 a number of organizations gathered to look at issues of child abuse and safety in the international missions community. Numerous agencies had been working on current and historical investigations, policies, programmes, etc., but no one had brought different organizations together.

The clear shared need and common desire for resources, networking and collaboration across the world brought about a multi-agency community that is rapidly growing.

We are a network of mission agencies, faith-based NGOs and international Christian schools. Our heart, calling, and mission is to collaborate across the globe with other Christian organizations to connect, educate, and protect through effective child safety programmes.

We help create environments worldwide where children’s wellbeing and safety are a priority.


Having an established and trusted global safeguarding programme is vital to us. CSPN’s training courses and collaborative membership network has been hugely beneficial. We could not have developed our programme, both in prevention and response, without CSPN’s help.




Responding wisely to emerging risks and utilizing current safeguarding practices.


Employing resources and training informed by sound international research.


Encouraging common practices that are ethical, moral, and transparent.


Serving global organizations as they develop and operate child safeguarding programmes.


Networking to share knowledge, experience, and resources for child safeguarding.


Reflecting the heart and words of Christ regarding the value and worth of children.


Tim McGillExecutive Director
Tim McGill recently completed 35 years of service at Morrison Academy, an international Christian school in Taiwan. He says his most rewarding years were as a boarding parent in the 1980s. Subsequently, Tim served in administrative roles: finance, development, and head-of-school for 17 years. CSPN enabled Morrison Academy to develop comprehensive child safety systems so Tim volunteered to serve on the CSPN Board from 2015-18.

The board is excited to partner with Tim as CSPN’s first executive director and is looking forward to Tim’s leadership into a new chapter of CSPN with all the experience and expertise he brings as a leader and a passionate advocate of child safety.

I’m inspired by the Child Safety and Protection Network’s vision to empower more Kingdom-focused organizations to have an effective, holistic child safety program. This will be achieved as we all work together to enhance the child safety systems throughout the network. PET and RTT are already meeting common needs of the members. Imagine the Network also helping members develop:
· Onboarding training that’s easily accessible by every volunteer.
· Reporting systems that everyone in the organization trusts.
· A pool of experienced external responders for a response team.
· Professional program auditing.
I would value your input on imagining other ways CSPN could enhance your organization’s child safety systems. I look forward to our Network doing more together to achieve this compelling vision.
– Tim McGill
Terri RichExecutive Assistant
Terri serves as the Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors and the Executive Director; she is the first point of contact for CSPN with various other duties, including event planning, banking/bookkeeping, and management of the CSPN membership.

Terri has worked in HR with the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS), a CSPN member; she was also a homeschool mom in South Korea for 12 years. She and her husband have two grown children and reside in Lancaster, PA.


The nine board members, including the board chair, represent a number of different international Christian organisations and schools within the CSPN family. CSPN board members are voted in by the CSPN membership and can serve up to two terms of 3 years each term. Over the years, the board has represented many different organizations around the world. The board meets monthly; if members would like to see board minutes, they can be be made available by request.

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