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What is a Child Safety Decision-Making Model?
Why are there 4 different types of assessments?
How can you implement assessment outcomes?
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What is an assessment?

An assessment is a structured decision-making tool to assist you to make a decision on a specific topic. In simple terms, it is  like a check list to make sure that they you have considered certain issues as you make a decision.  

Why are there 4 different types of assessments?

There are different assessments because:

  • It provides for a focused attention on a specific aspect of a response.  Whether that is Safety needs, Misconduct or Impact of the community.
  • It allows each assessment to have its own process.  This is very important for a Misconduct Assessment as these processes are usually very structured due to workplace laws.  If one was to combine the processes of the assessment, it would increase the risk of breaching workplace law.

Do we need to conduct every type of assessment for each concern?

No.  While each Safety Concern, needs to have an Initial Assessment, not all Concerns will require further assessment.  Many Child Safety Concern responses can be determined through an Initial Assessment.