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What is a Child Safety Decision-Making Model?
Why are there 4 different types of assessments?
How can you implement assessment outcomes?
How do you close, appeal and review responses?
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What are the principles behind response strategies?
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Impact Assessment: Plan & Gather Information


Consider how will you determine who has been impacted?

If the event occurred in the past, how will you be able to identify and contact those who have been impacted?

Who to gather?

In some cases it is best to have a representative of senior leadership in the response team. This process should not be outsourced as this will hinder your organisation from learning and responding to the impacted community, and it can give the impression to the impacted community that they have not been heard.

Gathering Information

How do you gather the information? You can arrange:

  • face to face meetings
  • community meetings
  • community announcements
  • online surveys

Restorative Justice principles are a great resource to assist a response team when meeting with impacted individuals and community, in order to hear their stories.