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Initial Assessment: Outcome Decisions

You have two main outcome decisions, an Interim Action Plan, and an Action Plan.

Interim Action Plan

At times, there is a need for immediate action. Arranging further assessment can take time, and at times immediate actions need to considered. Consider that following issues to address in an Interim Action Plan.

Government authorities

Is there a legal mandate to report to authorities?  If not, is there a need to report, despite not being mandated in order to facilitate intervention by authorities?  Consider all relevant countries, legal authorities for government authorities such as:

  • Law enforcement 
  • Children Services

People care

Consider any immediate people care, counselling, medical needs and who is responsible for providing these services.


Seek consultation with relevant professionals such as legal counsel, psychologists, cultural consults.


Who needs to be informed of the situation?

Is there a need for a Community announcement?

Interim Safety Plan

  • Safety of child.  Any interim safety measure, such as increase supervision of the relevant children while waiting on further assessment.
  • Safe conduct.  An interim safety plan regarding concerns of a workers conduct while a misconduct assessment can be arranged.  This could include:
    • Change and or limited duties
    • Change of location of assignment
    • Placed on leave

Action Plan

People care

Any response that provides for any care needs of those involved in the Child Safety Concern.

Other administrative outcome

Any administrative that is deemed an appropriate response.

Further assessment

At times, an appropriate response will require further assessment.  This could include:

  • Child Safety Assessment
  • Misconduct Assessment
  • Impact Assessment