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What is a Child Safety Decision-Making Model?
Why are there 4 different types of assessments?
How can you implement assessment outcomes?
How do you close, appeal and review responses?
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What are the principles behind response strategies?
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Raising Concerns

Is essential that everyone has a clear understanding of how to raise concerns.  You must also reassure them that it is always right to raise a concern.  Ensure that everyone knows who to raise the concern to, whether that’s their manager, Head of School, or a Child Safety advocate in your organisation.  People outside your organisation should also have a clear pathway, to raise concerns.

No one should never feel nervous to speak out. They should never fear that there will be negative repercussions for doing so. Your policy should provide them with details about the support that they will receive if they raise their concerns. It should also reassure them that when they raise a concern, they will receive the full support of your organisation.

Children should be allowed to raise concerns through their parents or other carers, and not be made to have to voice their concern directly to your organisation.

Group Activity:

Brainstorm in groups issues that may prevent people from raising concerns. Suggest how you could respond to these issues.