What to expect?
What is a Child Safety Decision-Making Model?
Why are there 4 different types of assessments?
How can you implement assessment outcomes?
How do you close, appeal and review responses?
Do you work for an organisation?
Do we care about people?
Do we care about you?
What are the principles behind response strategies?
Do you want to keep learning?

What to Expect

During this course you will be:

  • shown a Child Safety Response Process
  • taught principles and approaches to guide your responses
  • applying the Child Safety Response process to a range of scenarios  

Course Objectives

Following the completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the types of child safety issues that require a response
  • Understand the issues to consider when determining a response
  • Follow a response guideline process
  • Apply Principles and Approaches to the guideline process 
  • Consider the governance issues of your organization

Words Matter

You will notice that this course does use language associated with law enforcement such as investigation, alleged offender, victims. This is because this type of language is reserved for the domain of courts and law enforcement. Use of this language will lead to a confusion of the purpose of the assessment.