Child Safety & Protection Network collaborates with international Christian organisations to connect, educate, and protect. Our vision is to help create environments where children’s wellbeing and safety are a priority. Keep scrolling to discover how membership could equip your organisation.

CSPN is not an accrediting or regulatory organisation and membership does not signify that CSPN has concurred with each organisation’s child safety programme.

Being a CSPN Member organisation gives you and your team access to a wide variety of benefits that enable you to thrive and be supported by peers and like-minded organisations.

We help create environments worldwide where children’s wellbeing and safety are a priority.

As an international school, we are indebted to CSPN for resources, training, and networking. It’s a community of like-minded people who are passionate about safeguarding children and it is wonderful how organizations and schools are willing to share freely so that we all can benefit, broadening the scope of safety around the globe.



One of the key tools that CSPN offers its members is its training courses and conferences where we gather to share ideas and resources concerning proactive approaches to child safety and protection within international Christian organisations.


CSPN Orientation is a 45-minute video course providing an overview and loads of helpful information about CSPN.
Orientation is free to CSPN members and is required for anyone wishing to take other CSPN trainings. However, it only needs to be taken one time; if you have attended Orientation in the past, you are not required to go through it for each training.
To received credit for this new Orientation, one must also complete an Orientation Assessment. Contact our office if you are interested.

CSPN Orientation will benefit you if:

  • You and your organisation are new to CSPN
  • You’ve been a member for a while, but you are still wondering how you can get the most benefit from your membership.
  • You have new child safety team members you want to expose to CSPN
  • You or your new team members are going to be taking an RTT, PET, or Presenter training – Orientation is REQUIRED for any CSPN training courses. If you have not been through a CSPN Orientation in the past five years (since 2018) and wish to take one of our training courses, please register for Orientation first.


” This training was exactly what we needed to get going. The elements and focus on how to get from where we are to where we want to go was empowering.
I am going back with a place to start and bench marks to measure the development of our Child Safety Program. “

” I have not read or known a great course as this, especially for those in Latin America, it is quite a new theme and the knowledge received in PET is excellent to build a program in our organizations… “

PET (Programme Essentials Training) is an excellent 18-hour module course designed to equip child safety programme managers and organizational leaders in the development and maintenance of an effective child safety programme. It provides a wealth of information, resources, and application tools based on the 7 Elements of an Effective Child Safety Programme. Key topics discussed will be the 7 Elements, programme principles, planning, development, and implementation of a holistic child safety programme. Participants will leave the training with skills and tools to develop a strategic plan of ongoing child safety programme development.

It is strongly recommended that your organisation take the PET prior to taking RTT, giving your organisation a wider view of child safety before focusing on the one element of Response.

PET is designed for policy makers and leaders who have responsibility for implementing, developing, and managing the child safety programme in their schools or organizations.  These leaders are not necessarily the ‘hands on’ members of a child safety response team or even those who are delivering curriculum. Organizations with established child safety programmes and policies will also benefit greatly from attending this training to learn current best practices in developing a principle-based child safety programme and policy. Suggested attendees are HR leaders, managers, school administrators, board members or anyone involved in strategy and implementation. 


” One thing I appreciated was hearing from the presenters about their experiences and how they worked through issues and mistakes throughout the process. Having time to discuss with the groups was very beneficial because there was so much to process. I enjoyed it and will recommend this training to the rest of the child safety team at my school! “

RTT (Response Team Training) provides 18 hours of modular, principle-based training designed to equip international organisations to respond to any raised concern regarding child safety. This course teaches relevant response skills through the CSPN Response Model using multiple scenarios and assessment frameworks. Table-based discussions and group work enhance shared learning and provide excellent networking opportunities. Participants will leave the training with a clearer awareness and understanding of principles and skills that will help you be able to respond to child safety concerns within your organisation. 

**The RTT 7 has recently undergone a review and revision process that resulted in a complete update based on the latest research, experience and observations of our members. If you have taken an earlier version of RTT, you may want to attend again to benefit from the update.

This course is not a general child safety prevention training, although it will help you to identify where gaps may be in your own context. This course is ideally for personnel in your organization or school who are child safety team members responsible for or involved in dealing with an incident of harm (or risk of harm) to a child. Attendees might also include field leaders or member care providers who would benefit from understanding the Response Process.

Mission agencies and international schools are encouraged to send 2-4 people to the same RTT event.

We typically run 4-5 training courses per year across the globe — typically Asia, Africa, North America, Europe. We are open to invitations by any member organization who wishes to host an RTT.


” I can’t remember when last I went to such a worthwhile conference.
I was thankful that no topic was avoided, even very difficult ones… “

Members are invited to attend our CSPN Global Conference each year. This is a promise opportunity to network together and share resources and ideas. Each year has a different theme, guest plenary speakers and workshop leaders providing guidance on strategic topics.

Join us for the 2024 Global Conference – March 6-9, 2024 in Málaga, Spain!

The Regional Conferences provide an opportunity for members to meet together in ‘their part of the world’ and to receive updates and input on the issues that matter most to them. We often run a two-day conference as a precursor to the Response Team and/or Programme Essentials Trainings.  During regional conferences we look at child safety in that particular geographical context.

An exciting new development is a plan to expand the provision of regional ‘stand-alone’ conferences which will make CSPN’s training and resources more accessible to our members.


” It has been quite the exhausting week and frankly I can’t imagine having survived this week responding to this child safety concern without all of your support.
‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem sufficient to convey our gratitude. Really — we couldn’t have done this well without your support.”

In addition to connecting at conferences, members are able to find and connect with our entire network of organisations and schools around the world at any time. CSPN also facilities 1:1 SUPPORT NETWORKING with experienced child safety leads on specific topics such as screening, cultural and contextual considerations, member care, and policy writing.

Members can also join our monthly online TABLE TALK – each month a different member leads a topical discussion on best practices, key child safety principles, recent advances in our understanding of child safety, or biblical applications of child safety.  Intermittent breakout groups provide a wonderful time to be introduced to, network with and feel supported by fellow child safety leads all around the world.  The large group discussions create a synergy that gives us all a deeper understanding of the topic and new ways to apply the information in our own organisation.


” When I was tasked with revising our child safety policy it was so useful to be able to access other organisations’ child safety policies and review their documents. “

We maintain a library of resources and policy examples that help guide our members in developing and strengthening their programmes. Members can also access recordings of past conferences, training material and presentations.

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