Job Overview

Helping to facilitate the work of the Child Safety & Protection Network, a network of international mission organizations, International Christian Schools and Christian NGOs & Service Providers. The goal of the network is to help communities become places where the safety of children is a top priority. This person would help to manage the finances of the organization, taking care of the banking matters and preparing financial reports for the Board. Additionally this person would file necessary documents with various states, and keep all of the Google Drive documents and folders in order.

Job Description: Bookkeeper/Clerical Assistant

Purpose: Manage financial activity and accounting, HR staff onboarding processing, CSPN document storage.


1. Manage banking, accounts receivable/payable

2. Prepare monthly/annual financial reports for Board Treasurer and Executive Dir.

3. File required state reports in all states where CSPN operates or employs staff

4. Maintain CSPN email addresses and all Google Drive documents/folders


1. Proven organizational and time management skills

2. Working knowledge with Google Docs and Drive

3. Nonprofit Accrual accounting experience

4. Working knowledge of QuickBooks and budgeting

5. Experience in State registrations and annual filings is a plus

6. A bachelor’s degree/experience in business or accounting is preferred

7. Demonstrated servant leadership

8. Agreement with the CSPN statement of faith

*NOTE: This is a remote, hourly, part-time (under 10 hrs a week) position.

How To Apply

Interested parties, please contact: Executive Director: Tom Hardeman

An application will be sent via email. Please write to <>

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